Traveling through Vault of War (level 1) once. This is the fastest combat training method in free-to-play when done efficiently. The distance required to reset their agro status fluctuates but usually stays between 1 and 15 tiles. Use fancy boots or fighting boots awarded in the Stronghold of Security, or leather boots if you don't want to reclaim the stronghold boots when you die. Not many quests help navigate the wilderness. Wearing the Void melee helm with the full Void Knight equipment set gives a 10% melee damage and accuracy bonus. You may use these if the above methods are too crowded or otherwise not available. Less defence than ogresses as a good alternative for more experience points but profits less. They have access to the gem drop table and rarely drop uncut gems. A decent alternate monster of training your melee combat skills and profiting when hill giants are overcrowded., Your best weapon and armour. Its, While it is the fourth strongest weapon in the game, the tentacle's high cost per attack makes training far more expensive, but provides a boost of +8, This is the most common training weapon, especially considering that it is affordable and does not degrade. Many Slayer spots can often be crowded. Also note that when training Slayer, a Slayer helm (or black mask) will always provide the greatest damage increase over any of these. Players may need super combat and prayer potions for the first few games as they have no points. Use of overload and absorption potions, gained from NMZ points which reduces need for super combat and prayer potions. But it is recommended for alternate accounts created after a high HP one-Defence combat pure account. Popular monsters for this tactic are gargoyles, nechryael, and bandits. This weapon is great to use against beasts which are weak to crush. Your best weapon and armour. They only deal 1 HP of damage but higher level Flesh Crawlers can hit quickly accurately. If the player does not have access to any of these, an obsidian cape or a Cape of Accomplishment can be used instead due to their moderate defence bonuses, however they will not increase damage. Created by combining a Saradomin sword with a Saradomin's tear. See the Waterfall Quest guide for more information on how to complete this quest. Your best weapon and armour if fighting outside of the, Combat level depending on the boat, at least 5 players to start the game, 25 players to start game quickly, best strength gear/Dharok's set, special attack weapon. If you do not have access to a shield at all, such as if you do not want to risk an additional item in the Wilderness or you have not yet unlocked the requirements for a certain offhand equipment, some fast two-handed weapons like the Saradomin sword become worth using. Free-to-play ironmen can only acquire a rune scimitar through smithing at level 90 Smithing (or level 89 Smithing with a dwarven stout). Trains the Slayer skill at the same time. Most of the profit will come from herbs, including the valuable, Decent amount of hp so you don't have to switch targets as often as you do when fighting chickens, If you are unlucky and do not get many herbs you won't make much money, Great profit for a low level monster, drops valuable herbs, runes, and, Not far from a bank and teleport if using an. In nearly all cases, optimising for offensive stats is more effective than optimising for defensive or balanced stats, especially when fighting the low-offence, high hp monsters on this list. Defence is also preferred to be at that level, but is not always required. The whip is the second-strongest non-degradable attack and defence training weapon in the game. All monsters killed on Wilderness Slayer assignments have a chance of dropping a valuable, Some slayer tasks do not give good xp/hr. This article provides information about effective ways to train Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints through melee combat. This is the best melee training weapon at 50 Attack and Strength. While goblins do drop an assortment of items including coins, they only provide little profit. They are aggressive towards players up to twice their combat level + 1. Lumbridge Swamp may be crowded and giant rats are slightly distanced from each other. However, training Strength is just as important for increasing maximum damage which also increases damage per second. If this doesn't to seem to work (as in if aggressive areas covers the entire room), climbing down the ladder and climbing back up will reset aggression too. Food may be required but they drop. After aggression ends in 10 minutes, if the player is training among the giant spiders just north of the ladder upon entering the first room of giant spiders from the ladder, players can re-aggro them by running to the end of the corners of the room of giant spiders: Top-left corner of the room after the first 10 minutes, then top-right corner of the room after the next 10 minutes, then bottom-right corner of the room after the next 10 minutes, repeat. Higher level Flesh Crawlers will quickly damage players, even if it is just 1 HP per hit as they have a very fast attack speed of 1.8 seconds per attack. Not aggressive, will require manual clicking. This guide is organised into sections based on skill levels. Teleport is needed if you need to quickly leave the area if not near a staircase/ladder. Against lower defence monsters such as, Sarachnis Cudgel is typically not picked up as its not exactly the most affordable weapon however, it does have provide a substantial increase compared to the, This is tied for the best training weapon for all attack styles at level 60 with the Dragon Scimitar, without having to be charged or do any quests. Overall, efficient Slayer training gives relatively low amount of experience in Attack and Strength, as most of the Slayer experience is gained by barraging. If the dragonfire protection and high defence are not needed, defenders are better due to their accuracy bonuses. Use full melee armour sets against monsters that use melee, and ranged armour against monsters that use magic. As noted above, players with 60 Defence without access to defenders should be using the Toktz-ket-xil. Barrage tasks are the most efficient way to train Defence and Magic. The best defence is a good offence. Training Attack slightly increases the attack accuracy of your hits. Green dragons are only easily reached in medium-level Wilderness, where players may be attacked by other players or may accidentally attack another player, They can deal heavy damage, so a lot of food is required, Often crowded with both other Green dragon farmers and, Efficiently training slayer has many requirements, including completing most of the game's quests to unlock teleports and blocking bad tasks, Some slayer tasks cannot be killed with melee, Below-average offensive capabilities for their level. Use the amulet of strength if it gives a higher max hit for your Strength level, otherwise use the amulet of power for more accuracy, defence, and especially if it provides the same maximum damage as the amulet of strength at certain strength levels with certain attack styles. Combining all four of these items with the Toktz-xil-ak (Obsidian sword) can actually give faster experience rates than anything in the table above against low-defence monsters, such as those in the Nightmare Zone. Low-level players looking to make money for early gear should check out the Money-making guide. Monster vulnerability may cause certain weapons to perform better than their stats suggest. For example, if the section header is Levels 20 to 30, you should begin training at the area with an Attack and Strength level of at least 20. Ignoring drops, this is also an afk training method. In most cases, choosing a weapon with an attack speed of 4 (2.4 second interval) will be the best choice for dealing the highest damage per second. If the player cannot use all five items, they should not be using the Toktz-xil-ak. They have decent profitable drops for lower-level players as they very commonly drop, They drop similar runes as hill giants do (except for. Decent amount of hitpoints so you don't have to switch targets as often as you do when fighting chickens. It is a good alternative for players with 42 combat stats who do not have access to high-strength gear. I have had my hands on the scythe a couple times now and am always looking to see where it will be viable at going forward. This training method is not recommended for players who have not yet made a one-Defence combat pure account and it wouldn't be worth the time training training one up just for this training method alone. Players could continuing until level 40 melee skills. They are only profitable in member worlds. Using a dwarven rock cake or locator orb the player can intentionally keep their health at 1 hp while using Protection prayers to block all forms of damage. Aggressive as long as a monkey greegree is not worn (though they become. High HP (23 HP for 92 melee xp per kill), low defence, and they deal little damage. 15 HP (60xp) per kill plus more xp per kill if they heal themselves for 2 HP. For the free players' guide, see, Head-slot items in order of effectiveness, Cape-slot items in order of effectiveness, Neck-slot items in order of effectiveness, Body-slot items in order of effectiveness, Shield-slot items in order of effectiveness, Legs-slot items in order of effectiveness, Hands-slot items in order of effectiveness, Feet-slot items in order of effectiveness, Ring-slot items in order of effectiveness, Some general rules when choosing a weapon, Training weapons in order of effectiveness, Suggested training methods for best experience, Suggested training methods for experience and profit hybrid, Alternative training methods for good experience,, This is one of the best melee training weapons. It is highly recommended to set player attack options to "Hidden" so they don't accidentally, The player cannot bring their most expensive gear. Bandos tassets, Obsidian platelegs and Fremennik kilt are the only leg slot wearable which increase attack effectiveness.

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