The lightweight of the bike makes it easy to carry the bike from one place to the other especially for a vacation. We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links on our site.

6KU Fixie Bikes Review: Simple, Affordable and Low Maintenance Bikes Stripped down to the basics of bike design, a fixie bike leaves you in total control but has no room for laziness. With no slack in the chain, they don’t stretch easily and need not be replaced as often. Some modern fixies have a flip-flop hub which includes a freewheel sprocket on one side of the wheel so a rider can change between the two styles. • Bolts and chain were appropriately lubricated. When it comes to single speed-fixie bikes, the choice they have to make is strenuous as there are so many types of single speed bikes to choose. And the only solution from customer service is to "try and sell it" as there is no other option unless there is a "shipping error" which this apparently does not qualify as. They both have rear and front brakes which can easily be changed without a headache making it easier to replace the brakes anytime you feel the need to. So far, the bike has got a positive score of 4.5 / 5 out of 7 ratings which seems to be a decent deal! The real fixie bike usually comes with a coaster brake only, while most track-style bikes are equipped with either front and/or rear brakes. These days, fixies are commonly used in competitive velodrome racing but have also gained a cult following amongst modern urban hipsters and bicycle messengers.

Both bikes have thin and narrow seats which are initially uncomfortable when you start using the bike and take some time having to adjust to them. Satisfied riders appreciated the wide range of color combinations – and the look of the wide rim wheels. The neck's short length and angle give it that coveted aggressive feel. It comes with a flip-flop rear hub for a quick and hassle-free switch from fixed riding to freewheeling and vice versa. California-based sixthreezero is a premier producer of beach cruisers and hybrid single speed bikes. The goal here is a higher cadence, especially for long-distance events. Cycling uphill is all you, because a fixie has no bailout gear to help you out. $299.00 - $527.98. 6KU’s single speed, fixed gear bike is built with a durable steel frame and fork, and as the name suggests, it has just one gear. There are bent spokes and I wish I took photos of the box. The gear ratio is 48:16, using a sealed flip-flop hub and Essor USA Aerodash crank. If you make a purchase, may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The Super Professional is one of the best fixed gear bikes you’ll find on the market today. Yes, you can ride cyclocross at a single speed! The Nature Cross comes standard with Challenge Baby Litmus 700x33c tires on WTB ST Light i23 rims.

Looking for a good bike at a low price? This kind of bike can move because of its momentum without the pedals moving, letting you coast if you want.

ALUMINUM FIXED GEAR || SINGLE-SPEED || $299. Specs & Features of The 6KU Removing brakes is easy. How do you stop a fixie bike? 700c is the #1 wheel size used among fixie bikes. You have many options to select from. 6KU Fixed Gear/Single Speed Urban Road Bike, 2. BikeXchange is a free resource site for buying bicycles. This impressive single-speed CX bike from All-City combines gravel riding capabilities with sleek, inner-city style. Fixed Gear and Single Speed, What's the Difference. Stripped down to the basics of bike design, a fixie bike leaves you in total control but has no room for laziness. The 6KU Bike Sizing Chart Other 6KU Fixie Reviews.

Ridiculous. This old-school drop-bar racer bike has got an authentic road bike design from the ’90s. The track bike comes in a five different colors which are black, navy, burgundy, celeste, and white. Quite a few buyers saw it as a good value purchase. 1×1 bikes 101 An excellent buy for the money, 6KU bikes come with many colors similar to competitors at roughly half the price. It wasn’t a rarity to hear reports of the bike arriving with missing or damaged parts. Black Bicycles Only Especially, when a great majority of bikers are used to the free wheel ride and actually enjoy it because they can rest their legs after pedaling for a long period of time.

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