very very big fan of the concept of 2.0 mo ran going full watchdog mode whenever cwn is in any potential danger and i mean absolutely feral to the 100′s, Also tencent studios drop the fucking hyx trailer please we’re starving. Her books are typically 100s chapters, manly CPs, modern settings (my favorite is the one in the military), smooth steamy scenes, etc. Please take care and stay healthy! Taxian-jun/Mo Ran, famously unreliable narrators… I do love that about them, though! Please take a rest if you need it. It’s time I talked about it. But do think it will be revealed that he truly never does, or that he did and just lost all his memories? Please get well soon and always remember that you are loved no matter if you are translating fast, slow or not at all and losing you for ever would be worse then losing a project. This will make sense after you finish reading the novel and extras. The result is many moments of Kidman walking around Manhattan in extravagant, colorful coats, her enigmatic expression masking a bone-deep confusion. His physical absence mirrors a previous emotional absence. Mo Ran: “Sect Leader Jiang is so perceptive.”, Jiang Xi: “You don’t have to flatter me.”. I hated how translating 2ha stressed you out. And it’s that impulse to negate our own impressions that is so astonishingly powerful," Grace says, during the book's opening scene, an interview with a journalist. That’s really it. So, what do you think a translator does when they get impossibly stressed out over one novel? She persuades herself that something she has intuitively seen in a man she barely knows isn’t true at all now that she—quote unquote—has gotten to know him better. With the stress it’s caused me, I no longer want to keep going with this novel. Like Grace, audiences might overlook certain facts in The Undoing. Even if I wasn’t in my right mind, being an asshole to people worrying about you is Not Nice.). Yeah, that’s what you readers would say…. Malaga got pregnant and had Jonathan's child. Having lost most of my feels and love for Husky, I can only imagine how heartbreaking it would be for them to know that I’m destroying the sole reason why they came to The Lovely Sweet Dream and stayed. Out October 25, The Undoing is the story of Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman, reunited with her curly hair), a psychologist whose world falls apart when her husband, Jonathan (Hugh Grant), is linked to the death of a Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis), a fellow parent at Reardon, their children's fictional private school in Manhattan. Aside from 2-ha, I also read Palace Full of Delicacies (I’m sorry for never leaving comment orz). Hi guys i just watched the series, and I've heard some good and bad things about it so guy's could you give me some spoilers … Ok, so we know that MR doesn’t reincarnate in HYX. Tags: bl novel; chinese novel; ... who's doing tl's of 2ha, and no its not done by mtl. And for those who didn’t know, I do not work with any editors, and I do not have any fixed proofreaders.). I wish you all the best, and I hope you won’t lose your love for translating, but know that it’s also okay if you do. I hope you won’t be stressed out anymore and can enjoy yourself more. For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter!

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