(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer). We were doing the same things as runners like Clarence Demar and Johnny Kelley back in the day, because when it came to prizes and prize money, our sport hadn’t changed in all of those years. The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects or irregularities.See details for description of any imperfections. He reasoned that for the moment, American needs could best be served by concentrating on domestic questions and avoiding foreign entanglements. How fitting a song for him, because he went out there and won the Boston Marathon. I was in Los Angeles and saw Joan Benoit Samuelson take her gold, and when I saw her come through that Stadium – wow – it knocks you back, it’s just incredible. Bob Hope is the best known political humorist to follow Rogers's example. It took me a while to catch the runners in front of me. But a little-known player/manager pioneered the base ballist's diet nearly 100 years ago. He built the rest of his career around that skill. Kirk maintained his lead until I finally caught him in Central Park, at around the 23-mile mark. This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 03:15. It was a very ordinary childhood. Rodgers is lucky if anyone recognizes him at all. Actually, I dropped out of eight marathons in my career, so I had some races where I wasn’t so tough. Also, Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades was named for him. I think we’re seeing the American people really desire to keep their health more today than ever before. “I was much more confident,” he says. Thank you for getting us up off the couch, but we can take it from here. How does someone so unassuming – so seemingly ordinary – rise up and change the world? He was an Average Joe, just like us – and a 4-time winner in both the Boston and New York City marathons, “They didn’t have the good gear back in the ‘70s,” Rodgers says, protesting with a laugh. I got to know some of the other elite athletes from around the world, like marathoner Jeff Foster from New Zealand. – and yet, here he was, about to change the world as we know it. “It’s always important, but even more when you’re aging, to have the support of your running group. Rogers gave numerous after-dinner speeches, became a popular convention speaker, and gave dozens of benefits for victims of floods, droughts, or earthquakes. It doesn’t have to be a marathon – there are plenty of a 5K races out there. Can voters be fooled? Both of these goals would be achieved a few short months later in New York City, where race officials were looking to close the gap on the historic Boston Marathon, and enticing headline runners like Rodgers and Shorter to join the field was a key piece of the strategy. Stories about Rodgers were almost mythic – he won the 1975 Boston Marathon in a shirt he found in a dumpster, while drinking water from a shampoo bottle – and we couldn’t get enough. The Rogers-Post Site, overlooking the lagoon where the plane crashed, has two (or possibly one remaining) monuments. Rogers was a Democrat, but has historically been known as apolitical. Despite wilting in the humid conditions, there was something different about this new, improved Bill Rodgers. At Wesleyan, Burfoot seemed to take his running much more seriously than Rodgers, who liked to hang out in the bars and discos on the weekends. Frank Shorter (39), Finland’s Lasse Viren (23), and Bill Rodgers (1) in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Marathon. There’s an excitement that comes with competing in racing, which is why we’re there, but you also develop this amazing friendships. In this April 18, 2013 photo, memorials for Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu, and Krystle Campbell, killed in the bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, stand among other artifacts at a makeshift memorial in Copley Square in Boston. A small monument at the Renton airport commemorates the starting point of the fatal 1935 Post-Rogers flight. “I believe it’s good to let your body adjust to different distances gradually, because the body will always respond positively to stress, as long as the stress isn’t too much. It’s different for marathoners, because we’re not as well-known as athletes in other sports. Rodgers set the American marathon record in Boston that year, with a 2:09:55 time, and then finished third in the Fukuoka Marathon, with a time of 2:11:26. Rodgers got us involved. His widow, Betty, willed the property to the state of California upon her death in 1944, under the condition that polo be played on the field every year; it is home to the Will Rogers Polo Club.[38]. I remember an article in the Runner magazine, where Nancy Clark reviewed Bill Rodgers' diet for a week. Rodgers showed up at the starting line that day in tattered khakis and a rag of a shirt, looking more like a homeless person than a distance runner on the cusp, an eccentricity that even caught Burfoot by surprise. “There was no Gore-Tex clothing, or any of the other materials they have today. I worked there for two years.”. Yes, Rodgers did things his way, his influence rippling across time and going well beyond running’s borders. https://i1.wp.com/www.fifteenminuteswith.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/the_bill_rodgers_interview2.png?fit=600%2C400&ssl=1, https://www.fifteenminuteswith.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/FifteenMinutesWith_NewLogoPrototype.png, Anthony Scaramucci – The Accidental President. It was he who gave me the idea for my original stage act with my pony. “When people come up to me and want me to sign an autograph, I’m always happy to oblige. “I was at home, having just finished a run with my girlfriend. Despite the legendary junk food binges of marathon great Bill Rodgers, a good diet really does make you perform better; if you follow the basics outlined here, you may find yourself running faster, longer and more efficiently. What about a candidate's image? He paid US$500 an acre, equal to $13,720 per acre today.[3]. All references to Will Rogers concerned with early life and the annual celebration in or around Higgins,Texas are taken from the Texas State Historical Association. It’s not like baseball or football or basketball, or other sports that are widely shown on television. In 1908, Rogers married Betty Blake (1879–1944), and the couple had four children: Will Rogers Jr., Mary Amelia, James Blake, and Fred Stone. “There’s no place for cheating, whether that’s someone using performance enhancing drugs or someone defrauding the integrity of the sport by lying.”. Will was more easygoing and oriented toward the loving affection offered by his mother, Mary, rather than the harshness of his father. We would walk long distances to go to a nice fishing pond, things like that. Grateful for the guidance but anxious to move on, Rogers quit the circus and went to Australia. Several schools have been named for him: Will Rogers Elementary School in Santa Monica, Will Rogers Elementary School in Ventura, middle schools in Long Beach and in Fair Oaks. BILL RODGERS diet pepsi & Rodgers. Both men are now in the USA Track & Field Hall of Fame. “I believe that ’82 race was one of the best Boston Marathons ever run,” he says, “because both of them ran 2:08 in that heat. We could relate to his dorky side, the Bill-Gates-meets-Napoleon-Dynamite vibe that only added to his charm. The former Bill had ascended to the top of a grueling sport; the latter Bill won us over, coaxing us to following him like a distance-running Pied Piper. Certainly there were a few of us at the time, but Rodgers was the one who brought the marathon to the masses; he was Andy Warhol in running shoes, commercializing his sport while turning it into pop art, presenting us with something that we could all try. Kirk Pfeffer stayed with me through Wellesley, but at the halfway point I kicked it into a different gear and I was on my own, just like in my first Boston victory. How many celebrity athletes do that? On August 15, they left Fairbanks for Point Barrow. Everyone loses something or someone. [9] His mother was one quarter-Cherokee and born into the Paint Clan. He only beat me by seven seconds in the Olympic Trials, so I was very confident I could make that up, but I fell apart. So that really helped me focus and improve. [20] Since Rogers easily rambled from one subject to another, reacting to his studio audience, he often lost track of the half-hour time limit in his earliest broadcasts, and was cut off in mid-sentence. He had run a 2:09 at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, but no one would have picked Dick Beardsley to challenge mighty Alberto in the 1982 Boston Marathon. Rogers advised Americans to embrace the frontier values of neighborliness and democracy on the domestic front, while remaining clear of foreign entanglements. We forced the pace going down First Avenue. The list goes on and on. Going up Heartbreak Hill I pulled away – I don’t think he was prepared for the hills. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. A West Virginia native, Michael D. McClellan's celebrity interviews appear on his web site, FifteenMinutesWith.Com, and include superstars Pharrell Williams and Vince Gill; Nobel Prize winners Art McDonald and Takaaki Kajita; Grammy winners Al Jarreau, Melissa Manchester, Keb Mo, and Big Daddy Kane; racing legend Mario Andretti; NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly; and NBA legends Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Julius Erving, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The California city was incorporated, and thus run by an appointed city manager. We were about to turn on the TV and watch the marathon when I started to get phone calls from neighbors. 2003. William Penn Adair Rogers (November 4, 1879 – August 15, 1935) was an American stage and film actor, vaudeville performer, cowboy, humorist, newspaper columnist, and social commentator from Oklahoma. “The Celtics were winning all of those titles in the ‘60s, and fans have always been crazy about the Red Sox. He’s always kind and cordial, almost affable to a fault – until you realize that he really does care, even if he has no recollection of those brief encounters. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus). She was mortified. A book of history by one who created a lot of it! The California Theatre in San Bernardino is the site of the humorist's final show. The feat got front page attention from the newspapers, giving him valuable publicity and an audience eager to see more. Please try again. The Packers' fix: Defensive help, a new scheme or another receiver? We saw Rodgers win the Boston Marathon, or we read about his exploits in Sports Illustrated, and we got up off the couch and gave it try. “It was so cool to run through the streets of New York,” he says. Coming into Boston I was much stronger; I’d set a world record in the 25K on a track in February of that year. He’s a super, super nice guy. His body had overheated so much that it was starting to shut down – he’s Catholic, and it was so bad that they gave him his last rights. “I grew up in Newington, Connecticut,” Rodgers says, “which is just a few miles southwest of Hartford. The "mayor's office" was a ceremonial one: Rogers made more jokes about do-nothing politicians such as himself. I liked the product very much! In 1977, Rodgers won the prestigious Fukuoka Marathon, making him the only runner ever to hold the championship of all three major marathons at the same time. On November 4, 2019, Google celebrated his 140th birthday with a Google Doodle. You can get a ride to the finish line if you’re injured. Rodgers ran, but he also made time to enjoy his social life at Newington High. “It was a big gamble, because we were going against not only our federation’s leadership, but the Olympic leadership. You can’t have too austere a diet.” – Bill Rodgers . Alberto Salazar collapses after winning the ’82 Boston Marathon against Dick Beardsley. [10] She died when Will was eleven. If you are overweight, start strict diet right away and exercise.

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